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General Terms and Services (TimeTrack Enterprise)

The Company Chronos Software e.U. (hereinafter named as “Chronos”) offers its clients the use of web-based time tracking on the website www.timetrackenterprise.com. The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “GTCs”) apply to all services which are supplied to the client by Chronos, as well as any future business transactions between the contracting parties. The GTCs from the customer are hereby excluded for the present transaction and during the entire business relationship.

Contract duration and Termination:
The contract will come into effect once the GTCs have been accepted by the client, and billing will commence on the day the contract is signed. Customers can subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription and may cancel their subscription anytime before the expiration of the subscription by giving notice (“Cancel subscription”) on their on-line account. If the customer does not cancel the subscription before their expiration, contract will be automatically extended for a further month or year (depending of weather customer is subscribed to monthly or annual subscription). Giving notice per E-Mail or Fax involves additional procedures and is thus not possible. After termination of the contract, a final invoice will be issued to the client, which will include all outstanding payments. Payment is due within one week of receiving the final invoice. Chronos has the right to terminate the contract on reasonable grounds, such as, misuse, unauthorised subletting etc.

The prices of the offered products are provided on the webpage www.timetrackenterprise.com and the prices for Chronos Products (Standard, Premium, Gold) relate to net price. During the term of the contract, the price quoted may be subject to change due to inflation. If the number of registered user’s changes during the subscription period, the abo-price will be increased on pro-rata basis (aliquot) and the customer will receive a new invoice within couple of days. The existing credit will be considered by next payment. In case of contract termination, the existing credit will expire irrevocably, and will not be reimbursed by Chronos. Payment can be made by credit card (MasterCard, Visa and for USA-Customers also American Express). You will receive a monthly invoice with a detailed listing of all services with value added tax stated separately. For payments within the EU, the value added tax will be omitted if the parties have provided the appropriate UID number prior to the transaction. In case of payments outside the EU, no value added tax will be charged by Chronos und the customer has an obligation to comply with the tax regulations in his country of residence. If a payment is seven days overdue, then your account will be deactivated from the software, the contract will be cancelled and all outstanding claims will be collected. It is important that customers credit card account always has enough credit to cover the monthly payment requested by Chronos. If the amount cannot be obtained from the client’s account due to insufficient funds, then the client may incur further costs from Chronos.

Site Policy:
Chronos will provide the customer with the described software and features as stated in the quotation. The customer is not authorised to copy, distribute or edit the software. The costumer will use the software only for its business purposes. Consequently, the consumer protection provisions do not apply. The software package offered by Chronos is to be used as a service. When registering, the customer is obliged to pass on all required information truthfully and is not permitted to pass on their login data to an unauthorised third party. The customer is not to misuse the service provided by Chronos in any way.

Specification and Accessibility:
The product specifications of Chronos products can be found on the website www.timetrackenterprise.com and in the quotation. Due to the complexity that is involved in processing and handling the data, one hundred percent product security cannot be guaranteed. General regulations relating to service disruptions and defects are technical conditions specific to this area and therefore need to be understood and abided by. Chronos has the right to make alterations to the agreed service specification at any time if it is deemed advantageous the customer, or if they are required to do so by law. A service modification may occur when thought of as necessary by the service providers, or deemed to be acceptable to the client and is in accordance with commercial practice based on the mutual interests of both parties. If Chronos supply any additional, complimentary software or any other service with the service quotation, then this can be withdrawn at any time and will pose no future obligation.

Data Protection:
The data required for ordering and setting up Chronos will be compiled, processed and saved by Chronos. Personal data is all information which can directly or indirectly identify a person, such as, name, home address, email address, date of birth and credit card details. Personal data will not be passed onto any third person without written permission from the user. However, in order to process payments by means of a credit card or direct debit, user data will need to be forwarded to the payment providers and credit card companies. This data will be encrypted before it is passed on. Data generated and saved by customers in the software will not be passed onto third parties. After the termination of the contractual relationship, individual related personal data will be deleted. This does not include data which is retained to suffice legal obligations. The contractual partners, in addition to any parties connected to the preparation of any contract or quote documentation from Chronos, are bound to the prevention of conveying any contents of aforementioned documentation to any additional party that is not contained within said documentation. This includes any data, including but not limited to; business and trade classified information, quotes, contracts and customer data. The understanding and confidentiality of these data are extended indefinitely beyond the termination of the contract. The contracting parties must ensure that confidentiality is also maintained by their employees and other involved parties.

Chronos is not liable for damages caused by third parties, acts of nature (e.g. fire and water damages, direct or indirect lightning strike) or actions made by the client and their employees. Chronos refuse to accept any liability for lost profit, consequential damages, immaterial damages, unrealised savings, interest losses, financial loses and claims made by third parties on the basis of product liability. Chronos is also not liable for the contents, correctness or completeness of data passed on by the customer. Chronos takes no responsibility that the software provided will meet all requirements set by the customer or will achieve the desired economic success. Chronos takes no responsibility for slight negligence. Chronos takes responsibility for gross negligence. The maximum amount guaranteed is restricted to the stipulated monthly or annual service charges, depending of the subscription type. The customer ensures that he will not use any devices and equipment, software or other data in a way that will lead to changes in the software and/or interfere with the availability of the service. The client shall indemnify and hold Chronos harmless against all third party claims or liabilities which are based in whole or in part of the user’s failure to comply with legal software regulations.

Copyright Law:
The software and all additionally provided material remain the sole material and intellectual property of Chronos. Should Chronos in the duration of this contract make changes to the software, then all resulting modifications remain copyrights and rights of use to Chronos.

Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions:
Chronos reserves the right to alter the GTCs. The client will be informed about any new alterations in writing and given a period of two weeks to raise any complaints or concerns after receiving the alterations. If Chronos does not receive an objection in writing from the client, then the new version of the General Terms and Conditions will come into effect.

Final Provisions:
Chronos is based in Vienna, Austria, and likewise, all services are managed from there. The contractual relations between both parties solely apply to Austrian law. The contracting parties agree to the validity of the contracts in written form. Should any of the provisions in the GTCs be ineffective or void in part or in whole, then the contracting parties agree to stipulate a provision that comes closest to the meaning and purpose of the ineffective or void provision. In accordance with the regulations regarding data protection and confidentiality, Chronos may use the client’s data as a reference in projects and publish these findings. This also includes the use of copyright protected logos, product names and descriptions as well as other trademarks provided by the client. If the client should disagree to this then Chronos must be given notice in writing. The contracting parties withdraw from the right to challenge the contract due to laesio enormis (para. 1386 of the [Austrian] General Civil Code) or error.

Privacy Policy (TimeTrack Enterprise)

Data Storage:
Certain personal information and data will be collected upon creation of an account (i.e. name, company information, e-mail address etc.). We continually endeavour to improve our services, so when you contact Chronos via a contact form or e-mail, we save a record of this information to help better this process.

Data Usage:
Chronos will not publicize any personal information of our users if we have not received explicit written approval (in writing or via e-mail) or if there are legal obligations to do so. With the input of your e-mail address on our website, you declare your acceptance to receive informational releases and updates via e-mail.

Chronos use cookies in multiple situations. They help provide a more user-friendly, effective and safe experience, for example you don't have to log in every time when you open TimeTrack Enterprise Cloud. The majority of cookies used by us are termed “Session Cookies.” They are automatically deleted after you have finished browsing our website. We also use cookies to help us identify individual users; a user must not therefore repeatedly login on every user specific page. Chronos use Google Analytics to obtain non-personally identifiable statistics about visitors to our website. For more information regarding the usage of Google Analytics cookies, please see Google’s data privacy and security policy. You can prevent the usage of cookies with certain definition settings in your browser. However, Chronos will not operate with full functionality if you do so. If you deactivate the cookies you will have to log in every time you open TimeTrack Enterprise Cloud.

Security Arrangements:
Your Chronos-account is password protected so that only the relevant user has access to their personal information. We recommend that all users update their password at regular intervals. Chronos will always operate as standard via an SSL-encryption. Log out of Chronos and close the browser window when you have finished your work; this ensures that others will not have access to your personal information.

Chronos operates from one data center. Daily backups are carried out and are consequently saved in one location. If an error occurs, a live replication and transfer of backup data will be immediately carried out so that data loss is minimized. The data center from where Chronos operates are certified and are monitored with extensive entrance and access controls.

Right to Information:
Enquiries regarding stored data can be made via e-mail to support@timetrackenterprise.com. Please enable JavaScript. You can also make information requests in writing.

Further Information:
Your trust is important to us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the usage of your personal data or the reliability of recorded data. If you have any questions which this security and data protection clarification did not answer, then please feel free to get in touch.